Glazing possibilities of iFRAME system



The iFRAME sliding system is available in different product lines. Depending on the option you select, you may choose between different glazing types.

iFRAME glass system

The iFRAME triple glass system consists of three pieces of glass and a separating edge which forms two air chambers –  dehydrated or gas.

Due to the existence of another chamber, the triple glass provides a higher thermal insulation than conventional double glazing.

The iFRAME double glass system also consists of two pieces of glasses and a separating edge which forms an air chamber –  dehydrated or gas.

Due to its composition, the double glass makes for excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, relative to a single glass solution.

We can also use laminated glass formed by two or more glass sheets. The glass sheets are permanently fused with one or more plastic films, using heat and pressure. Glass sheets and films may vary in thickness and color, depending on each project. We need to consider laminated safety glass, because even if it breaks, the fragment remains attached to the plastic.

To increase the impact resistance, it is possible to incorporate heat-strengthened glass or tempered glass to the laminated glass units.

The thermally tempered glass is approximately four times stronger than a monolithic glass with the same thickness and configuration.

We consider safety glass in doors, freestanding facilities, interior partitions, etc… When this type of glass breaks, it breaks into small pieces that do not present any kind of danger. We cannot cut tempered glass.


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